The Distillery

A flair for the extraordinary

3 Howls Distillery is located in the SODO neighborhood, just blocks from Safeco and Century Link Fields. The area is a perfect fit for crafting spirits with its creative urban vibe, the distillery is a spirit maker's laboratory.

Where the magic happens

3 Howls Distillery operates out of a 5,000-square-foot warehouse in Seattle's industrial SoDo neighborhood, home to its still and tasting room. Every spirit produced begins with a distinct base, whether it be the European malted barley featured in our Single Malt Whiskey or the sweet Barbados molasses in our White Label Rum. Fermented in state-of-the-art stainless steel tanks or an open-top cypress ferment tank, our spirits are distilled using a 300-gallon copper-packed still. Our naturally flavored vodkas and whiskeys are then vapor-infused for a truly unique flavor experience. Finally, all 12 of the 3 Howls premium craft spirits are bottled, labeled and packaged by hand for your unadulterated enjoyment.

The Distillery

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